Saturday, June 6, 2015


The 2015 Akumal Comedy Festival produced by Stand Up! Records was a huge success.
Below are some images from the festival.
Colleen Justice performs in Tulum at Mateo's Grill

Maggie Faris performs at the Wah Wah Beach Bar, La Playa Del Carmen

Corey Adam at La Buena Vida in Akumal

Darrel Lenox at Wah Wah Beach Bar in  La Playa Del Carmen

Dan Schlissel in Akumal
Danny Lobel interviewed by JT Habersaat and a friendly iguana

Joe Saats at La Buena Vida in Akumal

Derek Sheen at La Buena Vida in Akumal

Mexican Comedian Alex Rojas in Playa Del Carmen at Senor Frogs

Tommy Ryman on the Grateful Dead stage in Akumal

Chad Daniels interviewd by Danny Lobel in Akumal

"Pest of the Fest" JT Habersaat at La Buena Vida

La Santanera in La Playa Del Carmen

Daniel Sosa at La Santanera

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